And there I find You in the mystery, in oceans deep, my faith will stand.

I love the ocean, yet at the same time, I fear the secrets concealed beneath its rippling surface.

I am afraid of things I cannot see.

I used to be a rigid planner. Stress would seep through the cracks if my plans fell through. I always needed to know where I was going, or what I was going to do. I hated blank spaces. They scared me.

As the years went by, I learned that life is one unpredictable journey. It’s always changing; nothing remains constant. You can’t hold on to anything. It took a long time for me to understand that while circumstances are subject to change, God remains the same. He is the one thing that is constant in my life. He’s always been there, offering the same promise: I will never leave you. Not now, not ever. 

My future is still filled with a lot of blank spaces that can only be unlocked with time. But I’ve learned to embrace the unknown, trusting that my future is completely in His hands.

He never failed, and He won’t start now.


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