The Right Lane

I get off at the Lexington 53 St. Station nearly every morning on my way to work. I exit the train onto the crowded platform, and weave through the multitude of people to get to the escalator. This escalator is about 4 floors high (yes, it’s pretty steep!) and it just rides all the way up for 30 seconds.

At the foot of the escalator, the crowd diverges into two lanes. The left lane is for people who are in a big hurry and have no time to just stand there, so they either walk or run up the escalator. By the time they get to the top, they’re mostly out of breath.

The right lane is for people who don’t want to rush. So they calmly stand aside while others hurry past them.

I always take the left lane, because I’m always rushing to work. But on Monday, I decided to take the right lane instead. I gripped the rubber railing and rode the escalator up. People were passing me. I didn’t care. I used to be the girl who hurried. The girl who chased minutes. The girl who hardly slowed down because she never really had the time to do so. 

But that day, I decided to stay on the right lane. For the entirety of those 30 seconds, I didn’t hurry, I didn’t chase minutes, and I allowed myself to slow down for a bit. I allowed myself to stand on the side and let others pass me by, For the first time in a long time, I decided to just enjoy the ride. It wasn’t about getting to the top fast. All that mattered in the end was that I eventually made it to the top without feeling out of breath.


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