2013-06-13 16.35.43

2013 flew by in a blink of an eye. I’m still having a hard time grasping the fact that this is January 1, 2014. 2013 left before I could even say goodbye. When it left, it took a slice of myself with it, a piece I’ll never get back.

Everything that happened is now embedded into the pages of history, and the photographs are remnants of what used to be. The places I went to, the things I did, the people I encountered, the person I once was.

I become nostalgic at the dawn of every new year. I wish I had an extra week of 2013 to live it to the fullest before time stole it away. I had a list of things I wanted to do before the year ended. But this is what I’ve realized:

We spend so much time planning, that we waste so many hours and days around plans that do or do not happen. No amount of preparation or planning can fully unhinge you from the person you were trying to grow out of. You don’t automatically become a brand new person at the brink of a new year. It takes time, and some people need a little more than everyone else.

There’s no point rushing the process. But there’s always something to look forward to. We don’t always become the people we dream of becoming, but with every passing day, we’re one step closer.

Every deadline I didn’t make, every chance I did or didn’t take. I thank God for all I missed, because it led me here to this. 

Here’s to 2014 being another blessed new year for you and for me!


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