Grateful for good friends whom I can be myself with.

Erika and I met last summer in the Big Apple. At that time, I was interning with Fashionista and she was interning at Racked. We were thrilled to learn that we were both in the fashion field. Our love for food and desserts also took us to weekend brunches around the city and random stops for sweets in cute cafes.

2013-06-08 16.08.59 2013-06-08 16.04.02[photos from the summer]

I appreciate good conversations — the kind that leave you feeling all warm and contented inside. Deep, meaningful discussions about life and relationships, where you can be completely transparent about the things reeling in all corners of your mind without worrying about being judged. 

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photo 1 (8)
[photos from Thursday night at The Grey Dog]

It’s all about the people you’re sharing your heart with, and this is one gal I’m going to miss greatly! She had to go back to Pennsylvania at the end of summer, and then she returned to New York in December for another internship. While she was here, she roomed with me and we’d stay up working on articles in my living room while sipping hot chocolate. It was a nightly tradition that we cultivated. I’ve always loved hot chocolate, but I’ve learned to love it even more.

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She left for Pennsylvania this afternoon and I returned home to the empty apartment after work to find a colorful Crumbs cupcake with white butter cream frosting and rainbow sprinkles on my desk, complete with a little handwritten note that read:

“It’s good for your soul! Miss you already! -Erika”

Guess what I’m having at 11.53 PM? A massive sugar-sprinkled cupcake because she’s right — it’s good for the soul. (In the meantime, I’ll be sticking to salads for the next few weeks!)


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