Goodbyes Aren’t Easy

photo (11)

I flew out of New York City last night, and that was one of the last views I captured through my window before we left the runway. My friends hugged me before I left and told me:

“Carissa, you’re one of us now. You’re a New Yorker. You adapted very well and this city will always be your home. So this isn’t goodbye–this is a See You Later. We know you’ll be back someday. And when you do, we’ll be here so all of us can go hang out just like the good old times.”

I moved here more than a year ago, scared and totally intimidated by the cold, cutthroat demeanor of the city. But I got a lot further than I thought I would. I’ve structured a new lifestyle here and I’ve fallen in love with the culture — I love how there’s always something fun to do anytime of the day or night, I love the burgeoning food scene that’s sweeping across Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, I love the skyscrapers that line the streets, I love the rush of people spilling onto the streets at the change of the traffic light, I love the rhythm that pounds incessantly in the background of all this fervor; the rhythm of life and purpose.

New York has taught me so much about myself. Living alone has definitely molded my independence. This is the city that broke me and shaped me. New York holds a really special place in my heart. The friends I’ve bonded with over the past year and a half have been beyond amazing. They became like family. I don’t know when I’ll be back (ugh, visa issues… but it’s for the best), but I’d like to think that I’ll get another chance at returning.

New York, you’ve been great to me. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday.


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