I miss writing my heart out…just pouring my thoughts on a blank virtual journal, not really giving a care in the world about who stumbles upon my darkest, most intimate thoughts.

Because that’s really what the whole writing process is about. Sure, you plan what you want to say and how you want to structure your sentences but the actual writing happens when you allow yourself to be real.

I’m talking raw, unfiltered thoughts that front your mind, things you think about before you go to bed, things that haunt you during the day, things you’re desperately itching to say but ashamed of saying.

So you write. You write, not really for others to see — if they do happen upon it, then they’re more than welcome to form their own perceptions or opinions — but you write for yourself.

It’s okay to have a million drafts. Without them, you won’t have the real thing.

You write so you’ll always remember these things. Every little detail, every word spoken, everything matters because it concerns you.

You write to be heard.

You write so your thoughts will unravel.

And finally, you write in hopes that the unraveling of these thoughts will help you arrive at a clearer understanding of the situation and yourself.


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