I’m Baaack… From Backpacking!

Hello again, my long-abandoned blog. I’m back from a month-long backpacking trip around Europe with my dear friend Gloria.

We visited France, Italy, Switzerland and Poland. Spent about a week in each country. We were on a really tight budget, so we scrimped a lot on accommodation and food. Baguette and cheese became a staple meal almost every day because that was the cheapest option. A foot-long baguette and fresh cheese cost less than €3. I think I need a break from bread (and carbs) now.

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The whole trip was a crazy adventure that taught us so much more about ourselves. Most importantly, it taught us more about God. We wanted this journey to bring us closer to God. And for some silly reason, I kinda imagined God speaking to us on the mountains in Switzerland or by the beach. I mean, back in the olden days God spoke to David in the wide open fields while he tended to his sheep, etc. Or maybe He’d give me some revelation about my job situation while I was writing in my journal by the beach.

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But that was me putting God in a box. God’s always full of surprises. His idea of drawing me close was very different from what I had in mind.

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Sometimes, all He wants is our obedience and patience while He slowly reveals areas of our lives that need fixing. I had to learn something the hard way, but it was a lesson I’ll always cherish.

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I’ll chronicle our 28 days in Europe, from delightful picnics in the park to missed trains and crappy budget hostels that earned me TWENTY bed bug bites.

But it was a great adventure and I’m grateful that Gloria and I got the chance to do this. We met some amazing people along the way who inspired us in different ways and offered us a clearer perspective of the various cultures.

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By the end of our trip, we were both tired and ready to head back. While the adventure had been fun and exciting, we were ready to move on to new phases that awaited us back home.

For Gloria, it is pursuing a brief language course in Korea. For me, it is planting myself in an environment that encourages me to apply my strengths and skills. Still trying to figure that last bit out. 
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I’m so glad I brought my Wanderlust journal with me. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about the trip in detail, including specific instructions on how to get around (hopefully future travelers will find this useful), things to do and things to avoid.

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We’ve left Europe, but the adventure doesn’t stop there.


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