If you really want to know what someone is saying, listen to their heart, not their words.

Sometimes, it’s the silence that speaks louder than words. It’s the spaces between the syllables that carry more meaning than the words themselves.

Here’s to all the things I never said, the thoughts that stayed buried because they were too raw to be uttered, too painful, too humiliating, too real.

They stayed hidden behind the shadows of my words. I never dared to unwrap them in front of anyone — because I wasn’t able to articulate the things that were burning in my chest, like a smoke so hot and heavy that it choked me up from within. I suppressed them because it was easier than sanctioning them, and I allowed them to burden my shoulders because I didn’t want them to burden yours. It was a weight you weren’t meant to carry.

No one can truly grow if he or she is still chained to the past. The only way out is forward.

So as 2014 draws to a quiet end, I believe I’ve found the freedom I need. It’s all about letting go and embracing the winds of change, because change and growth are necessary in life. You can’t be a prisoner of your past forever. And so with that being said, I have released these things into the beautiful hands of history, where they will forever rest in peace.

2015, I’m ready for you.


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