Beautiful One


God loves you.
You mean everything to Him.
He cares about you.

Isn’t it amazing how you can hear the same thing over and over again and never tire of it?

Those words carry the weight of heaven and earth in their tiny frames. The limitless breadth of His everlasting, unconditional love still manages to touch my soul and I’m taken back to the cross once again, overwhelmed.

Every time I pay attention to those words, I’m brought to a new place, even if it’s one I’ve been to before. It still feels like a totally new experience.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve heard it a million times in my lifetime. I can’t help but be completely amazed at how lyrics can speak to me, even if I’ve heard the song a thousand times. Maybe it’s because the lyrics are about His love, and that’s something I can never tire of.

It’s like reading your favorite book, with His love flowing lyrically across the pages in the form of words. But unlike the book, His love has no end.



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