Why Not?


I spent the afternoon editing photos from Europe and a smile broke across my face as I recalled the memories Gloria and I curated almost a year ago — battling my fear of heights during the 6-hour hike through Cinque Terre, stuffing my face with creamy gelato in Florence, gaping at the glorious mountains in Switzerland and strolling the streets of Krakow, Poland.

We came, we saw, we conquered.


All of a sudden, a crazy thought struck as I was processing my photos on Lightroom: Maybe I could write a book about these stories.

I shocked myself with that idea. Me? Publish a book? 

Most writers have dreamed about it, but few have actually pursued it. I’ve rolled the idea in my mind since I was eight years old — that someday, I would be able to flip through the crisp pages of my very own book, birthed from my own experiences and hard work — but when college and internships kicked in, I abandoned that idea at the back of my mind and told myself I had too many projects to keep up with to actually sit down and write a book. And of course, there were other insecurities like “Do I even have what it takes to write a book? What if it’s terrible? What if I can’t finish it?”


I used to think I’d write dramatic novels, but I’ve left so many “manuscripts” unfinished in my folder of random writings. The longest thing I’ve probably written was maybe about 8 pages long, and it was a short story for a class assignment many years ago.

Gloria and I have collected so many stories of our own endeavors throughout the 28-day backpacking journey around Europe, and I guess I have enough material to pen it all down into a book if I wanted to. I discovered so much about God, the world and myself on that trip. It’s an adventure I’ll never forget.


Too often, we listen to the voices that make our lives small, forgetting that we have it in us to confront the very things we think impossible.

So… I’ve been thinking about it. And I finally decided that I’m gonna plant myself behind my desk for an extra few hours over the next couple months and work on this book. Even if nobody reads it, I’m gonna write it anyway. When it’s finished, I will hold the book in my hands and remember the one Sunday afternoon in my room when I decided to challenge myself, “Why not?”



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