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I’m a typical girl. I love pretty nails, shoes, cute journals, and fresh flowers. Oh yes. There’s something magical about flowers, how their simple existence can color your room and soul with joy. Can I get an “Amen”?

Today, I worked from home and was typing away on my laptop, when the mailman arrived outside the gate and delivered a lovely bundle of roses to me! The flowers were wrapped in soft woven fabric and attached with a little note that read: “See U soon.”

A smile broke across my face. Sometimes, I’m amazed at how creative my boyfriend can be. We’re approaching our fourth month together, and these four months have been wonderful despite the fact that we live miles away. Long distance isn’t easy, but it’s the little things that span the miles between us — and in this case, it’s the sweet thoughts dressed in pretty roses and sprigs of baby’s breath, reminding me that somewhere across the oceans, the person I care about is thinking of me too.

That’s the ultimate beauty of flowers. They hold the weight of someone’s heart in their gentle little frames.

And yes, I’ll be seeing him in exactly 11 days!


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