The Great American Roadtrip

About a month ago, I traveled to the States to visit my boyfriend in Houston. A week later, we drove to Dallas, met up with his sister and the three of us embarked on an adventure through the countryside.

We cruised beneath blue skies with our windows down, stuffed our faces with McD drive-throughs and late-night Sonic bites, watched the sunset by the river and traveled to big cities and small ones, all the while stopping to capture the moments that seemed to whiz by in a rush of excitement.

We covered 10 states over a span of 3 weeks, and our journey was dotted with plenty of colorful memories. I can’t wait to share them here, but first, I’ll need to wrap up the photo-edits and take another nap. I got back to Malaysia a few days ago and I’m still as jet-lagged as ever. Toodles!

to be continued.



4 thoughts on “The Great American Roadtrip

  1. ysshael

    I’m assuming you are in a long distance relationship? Are you still? I am. I wake up, he goes to sleep. I go home from work, he starts his shift. I see sun, he sees stars. It’s a tough one but God is with us. Trusting Him.

      1. ysshael

        Yes!!! And also “what’s meant to be will always find its way.” Haha he is currently working in Abu Dhabi. He is a nurse. But he’s here right now visiting for a month. *happy heart*

      2. Carissa Gan

        Oh wow, that is far. Haha. But I’m happy for you that he’s there for a month! 🙂 Have a wonderful time and enjoy every precious minute together!

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