Always A Student

Whether you’re in high school, college, the work field, or anywhere else, you’re always a student. When life takes you under its wings, it takes you through different phases. That’s how you learn and grow.

Learning doesn’t stop after college. It’s a lifelong process until your last breath. When you travel, you see the world through a different set of eyes as you try to understand new cultures and places. When you meet new people, you learn about them. When you make mistakes, you learn more about yourself.

I don’t think we will ever truly understand the world or ourselves. I think finding out who we are is never going to result in a definite answer because we are never the same person we were yesterday. Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions change all the time.

The more we learn about ourselves, the more we mature.

If things don’t make sense now, they might in several years. And if they don’t, maybe they aren’t meant to. Everything happens for a reason, but not every reason is up to us to comprehend. We don’t hold the answer to every event in our lives. The answer always lies in a bigger, more profound being.

The journey of life is a rewarding one, because one day you’ll pause and look at the long trail you left behind. And you’ll see yourself from a different angle; a refined, polished angle. Just know that this journey of self discovery is worth it.

You’ve so learned so much about yourself, your relationships, and your beliefs. There is so much more to learn about. So approach everything with an open heart and mind, and let time teach you the rest.


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