God’s Heart


I was reading the book of Jeremiah today when the most beautiful revelation struck:

The bible isn’t just a book about history or God’s miracles — it’s a representation of His heart. God’s heart has been poured out over the pages, a gentle melody that exuberates the depths of His unconditional love and mercy for His people. He is a God who loves so fiercely, passionately, and unconditionally. Despite how angry He was at the Israelites for betraying Him, His heart still had a soft spot for them and He was so eager to forgive them, if only they’d repent.

That loving, forgiving and tender heart that loved the Israelites with such a passion 2000 years ago is the same heart that beats for us today.

I’m still learning to understand more of Him. God has a unique personality — He has emotions and feelings and desires, and He is full of love and compassion. He desires the best for His children. It pleases Him to reward His children when they please Him. He gives them great things because He can, and because mediocrity is not in His dictionary, He never does anything half-heartedly.

So when God gives you something — be it a blessing, an encounter, a new experience, a present, a gift, or whatever it is — it’s going to be amazing because He himself is amazing, and He isn’t capable of anything less.


One thought on “God’s Heart

  1. ysshael

    It’s true. Everything leads back to Him. He used these people – from an ordinary person to kings and rulers even a carpenter – to show His glory. And the glory goes back to Him. Amen!

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