Eze Village: Day 8


 “Rise and shine!” Gloria sang as I slowly opened my eyes. One of the curtains was drawn and sunlight poured into the little room that we shared. She was fixing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

“What time is it?” I mumbled, closing my eyes. I’d stayed up late last night to document the day’s adventure in my travel journal.

“It’s time to wake up!” she said. “We’re going to Eze Village today.”

Within the next 30 minutes, we were leaving the hostel with another full day ahead of us. We’d read so many articles on Eze Village and swooned at the pictures that jumped out on the screen. It is a cute little village perched on the hill in the French countryside, overlooking the vast Mediterranean sea. But first, we had to take two buses to get there.

The first bus was the Bus 100 (the same one we used to Monte Carlo) and we got off at Eze Gare SNCF. Then, we waited for the Bus 83 toward Justice, which took us straight to Eze Village.


Because it was situated high on the hill, the village was shrouded in a thick fog, which added to its mysterious appeal. The moment I stepped off the bus, I noticed a significant drop in temperature. It was chilly up there, in a good way. The switch in climate was a refreshing change from the humid summer air that infiltrated most of the French Riviera. I loved the way the cold wind wrapped around my shoulders.

We shared a packet of freshly-fried peanuts for €2 (simply delicious!) and perused the variety of tea herbs that were on sale for €5 per satchel. Everything smelled fantastic.

As we continued exploring the village, we learned that the upper region of the village is populated by luxury hotels, Michelin-rated eateries and artsy shops. Over the next couple hours, we checked out a cathedral at the top of the hill, visited Le Jardin Exotique — a beautiful garden that offers a splendid view of the sea), and bought a baguette and brie cheese before boarding the bus back to Nice. 
IMG_3947 IMG_3944 IMG_3936 IMG_3913 IMG_3904 IMG_3886 IMG_3881 IMG_3876 IMG_3873 IMG_2307 IMG_2304 IMG_2288

Had a lovely time in Eze. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s planning a trip to the French Riviera 🙂


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