I love conversations with Summer. She’s the kind of friend who challenges me to think, motivates me to move forward and encourages me to keep up my faith in Christ. She loves people and and pours so much of her precious time into investing in lives, simply because she cares. And I’m so glad to have her in my life!

We had a long conversation last night and I was left intrigued by what she told me toward the end of our two-hour phone call: “I know you don’t understand where you’re headed right now, but why don’t you try this. Start writing about the times God has carried you through. Write about the questions you’ve asked Him and how He answered them for you. That will give you a big picture of what He wants you to do, the kind of woman He wants you to be, and the kind of Father He’s been to you all these years. You’ll be amazed.”

She’s right. Sometimes, I think we all get so caught up with the microscopic details that we forget to step back and stare at the big picture.

Before you know where you’re going, you gotta first know where you came from. It’s all part of the long journey, and every journey is a story that’s just waiting to be told.


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