love pasta, and I mean it. I would gladly have it every single meal, every single day.

So, I have a confession to make. In the past week, I’ve had pasta about seven times. And here’s another confession: I want more. 

My loved ones think my obsession with pasta is a little much, but nevertheless, they try to feed my never-ending appetite for the dish anyway, which scores them major cool points for being so supportive and kind and amazing. I love you guys!

My love for the Italian dish started as a child, but I never realized how much I loved it until a few years ago, when I was stuck in my campus apartment with absolutely nothing to eat except several boxes of spaghetti. It was the week of our finals, the brutal beginning of winter. Getting to Wal-mart was impossible because I didn’t drive, and everyone was holed in their apartments to study for exams. So my roomie and I camped on spaghetti for lunch and dinner and that was how we got pretty creative with our pasta.

One time, I decided to fry spaghetti with eggs and vegetables, the way I would with Asian noodles. The next day, we realized we’d run out of Prego sauce so we decided to eat our remaining spaghetti with Campbell’s soup (the creamy type). The sauce was very thick, but it did the trick. Then my roomie taught me the beauty of bacon spaghetti — where she used the grease from chopped bacon to oil up the spaghetti and garnished it with crushed red pepper flakes and black pepper. It changed my world. This went on for a week.

You would think I’d be scarred from that week of never-ending pasta, but it only fueled my appetite for the Italian noodles.

Here are some of the best ones I’ve had so far over the last few weeks (not including the delicious pasta buffet I just returned from).

A delicious medley of juicy mushrooms, salty bacon shreds and al-dante spaghetti garnished with Italian herbs.

I’d call this pink sauce pasta, because that’s what it tasted like. It was perfection in a plate — slivers of smoked salmon on a rolled-up bed of spaghetti drenched in one of the best cream sauces I’ve ever tasted.

Shell-shaped pasta cooked in spinach cream and topped with bacon and a light dusting of cheese.

This one contained chili-flakes, so it was pretty spicy. I loved how the vegetables added so much flavor and color to the dish!

The creamiest mac-and-cheese! And it was soooo good. It was basically macaroni, ham, cheese and milk with a dash of perfection.

Mushrooms and chicken were embedded into this dish, and the sauce — although slightly salty — was still delightful.

Bolognaises are not my favorite because they’re generally sour, but this one was done very well. It even had a cheeky hint of sweetness, marking it as one of the more delicious bolognaises I’ve had.

Spiral pasta served with bacon chips, crunchy broccoli, egg whites and cheese.

Fresh seafood spaghetti sprinkled with chili flakes. It was red-hot amazing!

Yes, I suppose pasta is my comfort food and when someone suggests, “Let’s have pasta!” I feel a rush of joy, literally every single time. Is that bad? A friend just texted me an article about the cons of pasta. I have yet to read it.

So, I’m sure everyone has a food they would gladly eat every single day. I’d call that food passion. What’s yours?



  1. ysshael

    Carissa! How funny I was just thinking of “how does one become a food writer/critic?” I even wrote it on my recent post under THINKING. Then I saw this post. I want to learn from you. Hahaha I give non sense compliments. I mean, I try to make it sound like it’s that delicious, but I feel like I’m trying so hard that it sounds like you’ll lose your appetite. Haha #hopepess

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