Portrait: Sarah

Caught up with Sarah last week before she flew back to Arizona for school. She’s so bubbly and incredibly photogenic! Check out some of these shots that I took of her:




11 thoughts on “Portrait: Sarah

      1. ysshael

        I don’t blame you! Hahaha I’d be in love with that camera too. Haha I used to have the 5D but sold it and downgraded to 60D. (What was I thinking??) yes, I have the 35mm and I also have a 50mm. Let’s have a photoshoot when you’re here. 😀

      2. Carissa Gan

        Hahaha why did you sell the 5D? And yesss I can’t wait to have coffee and hang out and take pictures together!! 😀 😀 Another reason to look forward to NYC lol.

      3. Carissa Gan

        I envy the fact that you live in NYC! Lol. You have so much to photograph there. Buildings, cute cafes, random people on the street. Lol. Maybe take your camera on a little adventure one weekend? 🙂

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