White Wall

I’ve had this picture wall in my room for a year and a half now. I strung Chirstmas lights and pegged some of my favorite shots of New York City on the wall. Every time I gazed at those pictures, I would be transported back in time, recalling everything I felt around those moments when I clicked the shutter:

The sunny afternoon on Brooklyn Bridge with a friend who’d flown in from Houston for the week, the spontaneous Sunday stroll in the West Village after a hearty brunch nearby, the feeling of pure exhilaration when I stood across the street from the New York Times building, that gorgeous spring afternoon when I decided to visit Central Park by myself. Those pictures carried the sense of independence that I cultivated from living alone for 16 months, the thrills of exploring a timeless city and embarking on new adventures, and memories of the carefree girl that I was.

Today, I decided to revamp the wall and go back to the bare basics.

I still love New York way more than I should, but I’ve stashed those photos away for another day. It’s time for a change. And there’s no better way to proclaim change than with a blank white wall to start over — except those Christmas lights. Those are there to stay. 🙂


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