Chandra & Lucy

Couple: Chandra & Lucy
Makeup: Summer
Hair: Tamara
Videographer: Samuel Wong
Photographer: yours truly

Last week, I was really busy preparing for possibly the biggest photoshoot I’ve ever done. It was my first international photoshoot! I never left the country, but my clients flew in all the way from Indonesia to get their photos taken.

Chandra and Lucy are a sweet young couple from Indonesia who met five years ago while they were students in Malaysia. Now they’re both residing in Indonesia and are scheduled to marry in September!

Lucy told me she was interested in having her photos taken in Malaysia to commemorate the memories of her early days with Chandra. Despite being from Indonesia, Malaysia holds a special place in their hearts because this where they met and fell in love. 🙂

 Bouquet designed by Summer

The photos were shot over a span of two days, and I was running on five hours of sleep trying to ensure that we had everything in place. I guess I’ve always been a perfectionist, which leaves plenty of room for stress to seep in when things don’t go according to plan.

Like the bad weather condition on Sunday, which left a small window of 30 minutes of natural light for me to take my garden photos before the sun completely disappeared behind the clouds and we had no choice but to wrap it up and head off to our next location.

But God was so good. Despite my concerns about the timing and the whole outcome of the photoshoot, everything worked out beautifully. Lucy and Chandra were incredible — they were so kind and patient and really, really nice — and my team was just AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for better friends to work with! 🙂

Apart from doing Lucy’s makeup, Summer actually helped me design the bouquet, from curating the flowers to de-thorning the roses and wrapping them in the pretty silvery ribbon. And she also assisted me with the lighting and creative direction. Samuel had tons of great ideas for the couple’s engagement video and he tons of fun to work with. He also helped us with the logistics on Sunday, driving us from one location to the next, and ensured that Lucy and Chandra got the video scenes they wanted. And Tammy did a wonderful job with Lucy’s hair!

So grateful to work with such awesome, talented people! And in a nutshell, all glory to God for orchestrating the whole thing from the beginning to the end. 🙂


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