Wesley’s Surprise Birthday


In college, I was forced to take Pre-Calculus as a prerequisite, even though I hated advanced math with every fiber in my being. The entire semester was torturous – the lecturer was a sexist who constantly barked at the girls in our class, but openly favored the boys, and the assignments were getting increasingly hard each week. I’m not gonna mention how I silently cried during my final exam because the thought of having to retake another semester of Pre-Calc was too much to handle.

Anyway. One of the best things that came out of the class (apart from not failing!), was my friendship with Wesley. We met on the first day of Pre-Calc and we’ve been pals ever since. Eight years of friendship and still going strong!


We threw him a surprise birthday dinner at Naughty Nuri’s on Sunday, organized by his sister and his girlfriend. When he walked in, everyone yelled “Surprise!” and it took about 3 seconds for everything to dawn on him, before a big grin finally replaced the blank look on his face. And then it hit him: “Oh! This is my surprise party!”


And that wraps up the surprise birthday dinner!



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