Rachel & Henry


I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for months because so much has happened over the past few months! Let me just conclude by saying that God has been incredibly amazing by scoring me a full-time job at an international startup and I’ve never been more content with my job. I love what I do – creating content, writing articles, interviewing people and contributing my passions of photography and writing to the company. It’s a really busy job and there’s always lots to do, but I’ve never been happier since my days as an intern at SHK Magazine, back when I was still living in New York.

It’s been a whole month since I started my new job. I’ve also been doing freelance photography on the side, and a month ago I took photos of Rachel and Henry, who came in all the way from Singapore just to have their pre-wedding photos taken over the weekend.


Rachel and I go wayyy back. She’s always been a really sweet, wonderful soul when we met in high school, and I’m glad that we still maintained our friendship all those years after high school. Now she’s engaged to Henry, a witty and incredibly nice guy from Indonesia who constantly cracks her up (and the rest of us during the photoshoot) as well. I’m sooo happy for both of them! Will post the rest of the photos soon.


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