Ice Cream Friday

I work in the heart of Uptown Damansara, the thriving hub of restaurants and cafes, so there’s never a day that we starve to death at the office. Baskin Robbins is just around the corner and they were offering a “Buy 1 Free 1” promotion on Friday, so I stepped outside for a quick ice cream with my coworkers.

Just seconds after we’d left the shop, my Very Berry Strawberry ice cream started melting! The ice cream was quickly dissolving into pink streams of sticky sweetness that ran down the sides of the cone, and it was melting at a ridiculously fast rate. I was struggling to keep my ice cream from dripping, and Cindy beside me was more concerned about looking graceful in the photos.

icecreamday-9111icecreamday-9113icecreamday-9115It was an epic failure, to be honest. Our ice creams were nowhere near pretty to be featured in the photos. And they were making such a mess on the ground! After several minutes of protesting and trying to pose for the camera with our ice creams, we gave up. It was impossible.

Did Baskin know that their ice cream would melt so quickly? Maybe they already knew, hence the promotion. Nevertheless, it was a quick little Fri-yay moment for us! Credits to Chun for patiently snapping these shots!


One thought on “Ice Cream Friday

  1. ysshael

    Oh my goodness, carissa! I know how its like. I live behind Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robin. Dad and I bought ice cream and i had mine with a cone and his in a cup. It was melting so fast. Maybe the weather was to. E blamed, but youre the third person to experience it so im blaming baskin. Haha ever since then i have mine put in a cone. 🙂

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