What’s On Your Mind?


“What’s on your mind?”

I find it really hard to answer that question. I could tell you about something totally random – like how I’m planning on getting a new shampoo – or I could let you in on something really personal… which is often the more anticipated reply to a question like that.

But I find it hard to express myself in the moment though. How do you summarize everything you’ve been feeling into a simple sentence? How do you share something that’s been wedged in the depths of your heart? Because every time you open up, you bare another secret slice of yourself. Raw, unfiltered, real.

So when a question like that rises, I think about all the things that have been keeping me up at night, all the questions I’ve ever asked myself, all the things I wish I could take back, all the things I’ve wanted to be and more.

There’s so much of it that sometimes, it seems so much easier to shrug and say, “Not much.”

And then to direct their attention away from the eluded question, I serve it back, “What about you?”


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