“Without knowing and without wanting, we build walls. It happens quietly and slowly over time when we choose the things in life that do not command love and righteousness. It happens when we forget to spend time with God in solitude. Then one day, we struggle with loving our neighbors, we struggle with understanding what grace is in our lives. The collapse of a relationship is not when the heated arguments become overbearing, it’s when the silence sets in that we know a void has begun in our lives.

I must be reminded daily of the love of Jesus, I must remember who it was that first brought me from death to life. How shallow is my heart to think that I can go a minute without praise in my heart for the one who loves without end; How hollow is my soul to long for such temporary things, and not for the Father in whom all things are given.

May I have the right mindset to lean on Jesus, and may I have the understanding to fully accept His grace in my heart.” β€” T.B. LaBerge


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