Sunday Serenity

Today was a good day.

This afternoon, I finally treated my nails to a gel manicure in this sweet pastel hue that I’ve labeled as “yogurt mint” — a soft, milky green shade with subtle blue undertones that exuded serenity. 

This might sound weird, but manicures spark creativity and inspiration within me. There’s just something about freshly lacquered nails that rekindles my love for writing. Maybe it’s the glimmer of hope on their glossy surfaces, or the buttery richness of the color that reminds me of cupcake frostings. 

Ridiculous as it sounds, it’s true. Pretty nails make me want to keep typing. 

Today, I learned to open up. I consider myself a very private person, so getting in touch with my raw emotions and stringing them into sentences has always been a real challenge because I’m much better penning them down than I am articulating them out loud. 

For the longest time, I avoided total vulnerability with even my closest friends. I was actually embarrassed to unveil this other side of myself, and I didn’t want to unload such a heavy burden upon their shoulders. So I closed myself off, thinking that this was the best way to preserve my precious friendships — by shutting out my issues so they wouldn’t have to deal with my struggles, which weren’t theirs to carry. But in doing so, I was only shutting myself away from those who really cared about me. 
So today, I allowed myself to be totally vulnerable when I revealed some of the things that have been bothering me over the past months and years. These things were so personal that I had to swallow the lump that was forming in my throat. 

But I’m starting to see that there is healing in honesty. 

Some things just weren’t easy to talk about,  but when I finally did, I felt a quiet wave of relief washing over me and a huge weight being lifted off my chest. It’s comforting to know that I am blessed with wonderful friends in whom I can place my complete trust in. It’s comforting to know that they don’t mind sharing the struggles and the pain, because at the end of the day, friendships aren’t strengthened by building walls to enclose your burdens. True friendships are fortified when you learn to break down the barriers surrounding your heart, so you can split burdens together and discover the sweet serenity in transparency.

And I thank God for these amazing people whom I am incredibly privileged to have in my life. 


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