The Wanderlost Journals: Trapani

Trapani: Day 10

Continuation from here.

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Trapani was the day of pleasant surprises and sun-soaked beaches.

When we got up, breakfast was provided in the common room for all guests of the hostel. So we helped ourselves to croissants, toasts, cereal and juice over friendly conversations with other travelers from France and Germany. Before 10 a.m., we were headed out for the train station (Palermo Centrale) to locate the bus that would take us to Trapani. The whole point of making that trip was because we desperately longed to experience a nice Sicilian beach.

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The beauty of Sicily is vested in its sandy beaches and startling blue waters, where the sun drenches its residents in a crisp brownish-gold hue. Everyone had a rich tan, like a nice brown roast that reflected the sunny nature of a warm Sicilian summer.

So the voyage to Trapani begun. Soon we were passing fields and plantations. Barren brown mountains loomed outside the window. Some were dotted with trees, but most of them remained dull. Among the mountains were pockets of small squatters, where people led very simple lives.


We arrived on a Thursday afternoon, while most of the shops and restaurants were temporarily closed until dusk.  It felt like a dead town for a while, until we discovered a random restaurant – Cafe Veragano – and I feasted on the fresh handmade pesto pasta with pistachio shavings. Lunch was incredibly delicious.

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Gloria and I had a little bit of trouble locating the beach, so we actually used Google Translate with some of the Italian natives to get to our destination. Eventually we found the beach that we came to see. It was nice dipping our feet in the cool water. The sea stretched into the blue Sicilian horizon, a sheepish turquoise that deepened into periwinkle with streaks of emerald. Olive-skinned kids played on the sand, sculpting their masterpieces of sandcastles with their bare hands. Women lay on their tummies as they offered their already tanned and freckled backs to the sun.

photo 4 (44).JPG

We left Trapani in the evening. Throughout the journey back to Palermo, we had our phones shamelessly pinned against the bus window because the scenic hills against the sunset looked way too pretty to be ignored. So what if we were the only two people on the bus who couldn’t seem to get enough of the view?

photo 5 (49).jpg

Sicilian countrysides are postcard-worthy sights. My heart was happy just staring at this. So that marked the end of our roadtrip to Trapani.

Coming up next on The Wanderlost Journals, our journey to Florence… which was badly intercepted by train delays and an unfriendly customer service team at the train station. I wish our entire Europe trip wasn’t punctuated with so many dramatic and cringe-worthy moments, but ironically, these mishaps made the adventure so much more memorable. Stay tuned.


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