Best Thursday Night in Ages

“How’s life?” one of my friends asked via text the other day. I flicked through the variety of general responses that fronted my mind: life’s good, same old same old, nothing much, etc.

And then it hit me.

“I don’t think I have much of a life,” I typed back, suppressing a sigh. “I’m always so stressed out. I think I’m craving a vacation.”

Every working adult understands the cycle of pouring all your energy into work, only to return home feeling so exhausted from everything and dreaming up the next vacation – maybe a quick getaway to the neighboring town, or if your budget allows for it, an exciting trip out of the country. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only 20-something-year-old who feels this way.

So that day after I got off work, my boyfriend and I decided to do things a little differently. We went to a quiet cafe, ordered a caramel macchiato and sugared donuts, and set down to color. Yep, adult coloring books are one of the best things to ever grace the bookstores.

It was the therapeutic break I wanted. It was simple but so satisfying. Just a quiet, peaceful night with my favorite guy, a good drink and soft music in the background.

I love basking in simple pleasures like this. We all need more stress-free evenings where we can just unwind after a long day and take comfort in the things we love.

What’s your idea of a relaxing evening on a weekday?


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