I’m at the end of my four-day weekend. It’s a bittersweet feeling, shrouded with plenty of nostalgia. It’s always hard to bid goodbye to a nice, long weekend, isn’t it? I always wish I had more time to do everything I wanted to do – catch up on creative writing, spend more time with my favorite people, take more afternoon naps, finish a good book, work out, take my dog to the park, and well… the list goes on.

But I gotta say that I’m extremely thankful for my time off over the last couple days. I spent a bulk of my time hanging out with friends, having meaningful conversations and laughing so much over some very interesting card games. All in all, it was a great weekend well-spent with good company!

Birthday Celebrations

My idea of a perfect birthday is a small, intimate gathering filled with my favorite people, laughter and of course, good food.

And that was exactly what I got this year. Not one, but several little celebrations sprinkled across the week! On Saturday night, my friends surprised me with a birthday bash at a lovely Italian restaurant.

  1. Gloria took me out for dinner at one of my favorite pasta places near my workplace – Epicuro!
  2.  Summer and Sam surprised me with balloons and a card when I arrived at Pasta Zanmai the next night. And then we went for Chizu for some delicious Japanese tea topped with cheesy foam – soooo good!

3. My family treated me to a delicious dim sum spread over the weekend. I was stuffed at the end of the meal… and we still went for cake and coffee after that.
4. I had a birthday lunch with June and Vivian – my best friends from high school – at Common Man Coffee Roasters, and then we continued on with karaoke (super fun!), Korean BBQ, and ended the night with some drinks at a local speakeasy.

Celebrating our birthdays together has been a tradition since the good ol’ high school days, and it won’t change anytime soon – thank God for that!

5. My boyfriend brought me to one of our favorite French-Italian bistros near my home, Le Bistro 33. I didn’t take any photos this time because the lighting was dark. But the mushroom aglio olio was fantastic, as usual.

6. My sweet coworkers walked into the office with cake singing “Happy Birthday” while I blushed feverishly at my desk. It was such a thoughtful gesture!

7. On Saturday night, I walked into Enorme – an Italian restaurant renowned for its enormous pizzas and tasty pastas – and right into a chorus of cheers from my friends who had decided to throw me a surprise birthday bash!

Needless to say, I was incredibly touched. I was only expecting a casual dinner with Wesley and Man Yee, and I had no idea that they’d organized a little surprise party behind my back! It was definitely one of the sweetest birthday parties I’d had in a while!

8. And just a couple days ago, I had brunch with Dana and Adrian – friends I’ve hung out with since way before our American college days – along with Daryl and Emmanuel. For most of us, it was our first time at Botanica + Co, one of the coolest restaurants/cafes fronting the brunch scene in Bangsar. It was a nice Sunday afternoon filled with wonderful company.

All in all, I’ve been receiving so much love these last few weeks. So thankful for all the birthday greetings, gifts, meals and kindness showered by friends who took time off to make this a special one for me. Thank you so much. I love you guys! 🙂


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