A Breathtaking Evening in Melbourne, Australia


Despite its chilly weather, Melbourne gave me a warm welcome.

As I gazed down at the city from 285 meters above the ground, my heart soared within my chest.


Here I was again, back in a city that seemed both familiar and foreign at the same time.


Despite it being my fourth visit in Melbourne, there were still parts of the city that I hadn’t been to. There were aspects that had been unexplored, and even as I navigated my way around Melbourne’s grid-like streets, I still felt like a total tourist who needed to depend on Google Maps to avoid getting lost.


The view from Eureka Skydeck was phenomenal. We got there about 15 minutes before sunset, just in time to see the golden rays break across the city. Then we watched as the rays gave way to a bluish hue that continued to darken until the entire city was blanketed in darkness, apart from the silver and golden lights that sparkled from the buildings and street lamps below.


We weren’t too hungry for dinner, but it was dinnertime so we popped into the Belgian Beer Cafe, just a few doors away from the Skydeck.


We got some Buffalo wings and Belgian cheese croquettes to accompany our drinks. He tried the craft beer and I decided to go with the Riesling. You can never go wrong with Rieslings.

The night wasn’t complete without a few silly shots at Flinder’s Station.


And of course, my admiration of Melbourne’s architecture and streets also made its way into photographs.


And that wraps up my first evening in the city! At the end of the night, I was exhausted because I hadn’t slept a wink during the 8-hour flight, and the effects of sleep deprivation were finally sinking in.

But as I curled into bed and closed my eyes, I tried to drag my thoughts away from how much Melbourne had changed over the last 6 years and allow the soft orange glow of the street lamp outside my window to slowly lull me into a deep slumber.


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