Back in Melbourne, And It’s Winter Again!

Hello again, Melbourne! I came back after 6 years, and a lot has changed. I didn’t even recognize half the shops on the streets – I guess most of the older ones just got replaced over the years.

Gray skies and cold winter air greeted me when I stepped out of Southern Cross Station. The city still retains its timeless beauty through its juxtaposition of Victorian and modern architecture.

I’d almost forgotten how cold Melbourne winters can get. The weather app had reported an average of 13ºC weather throughout the week, but the chilly wind still zipped right through me. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing change from the humid Malaysian weather.

My boyfriend and I met up with Charis, a dear friend who’s been residing in Melbourne for more than 10 years. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years so it was such a treat to be able to catch up over delicious coffee and donuts!

Charis took us to Shortstop Coffee & Donuts, a cute little cafe tucked away in an alley. This brought back so many nostalgic memories of hipster New York cafes.

coffee-with-charis.jpgShortstop is known for its tantalizing selection of artisanal donuts, and they offer unique flavors such as matcha, maple walnut and brown sugar, creme brulee, Australian honey & sea salt, as well as tiramisu. I paired my tiramisu donut with a hot cup of smooth, creamy latte. Yum!

After that satisfying coffee and donut break, we continued walking around the city with Charis showing us around. It felt both strange and nice to be back in Melbourne again, a city packed with nostalgia and adventure.


…to be continued!


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