What I did in Halls Gap, Victoria


Halls Gap, tucked about three hours away from Melbourne City, is a quiet village that houses sandstone mountains, exotic Australian wildlife and lush scenery. It’s the perfect getaway if you’re seeking some peace and quiet among nature… and kangaroos!

We rented a car on Sunday morning and drove up to Halls Gap. Driving in Aussie was surprisingly easy (well, except for hook turns in the city, which you should just read up on before driving).

I was obsessed with the rolling scenery outside my window. I know that Aussies don’t think much of their countryside, but I love huge skies hanging over vast meadows and hills! I absolutely love tree-lined roads.

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park


We tried glamping by spending 2 nights in a safari tent at the Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. It came complete with furniture and a kitchenette, which was perfect for cooking instant noodles during the cold winter nights.

Outdoor bathroom

The tent also had a patio that overlooked a huge field where kangaroos lazed around, feeding their young and basking in the afternoon sun.


It was quite a sight! It’s not every day that you get to stand inches away from a kangaroo, so close that you could just reach out and touch its bristly fur, with nothing separating you but your own fear of it reacting negatively to human contact.



If you’re in Halls Gap, you should conquer the Grampians at least once! We parked at the Sundial Carpark and hiked all the way up the great sandstone mountains, trying to steady ourselves on slippery rock surfaces because the schizophrenic weather kept showering us with both rain and sunshine in alternate batches.


Five minutes of rain, then five minutes of sunshine. This went on a cycle throughout the day. But the view was breathtaking.

Lake Bellfield


Located just south of the Grampians, Lake Bellfield offers a beautiful panoramic view. Most people come here for fly-fishing during the summer, but during winter the lake is a peaceful solitude, its water glistening like a billion crystals in the morning sun.

Livefast Cafe

Halls Gap is pretty limited in its food options, so you only have a handful of restaurants to choose from in the area. Livefast is one of the most popular cafes in the town and boasts a selection of fresh Aussie brunch and breakfast meals along with some delicious beverages.

Brambuk National Park & Cultural Centre


This place is a mini museum and park altogether. I enjoyed taking a quick stroll among nature, photographing candid yellow trees and pretending for 10 minutes to be Alice in Wonderland.

Okay, so aside from hiking, eating, kangaroo-gazing and sight-seeing, I didn’t do much in Halls Gap due to the time constraint, but it will always have a special place in my heart!

It’s the perfect getaway into nature and serenity. If you want a few days to unplug from the world, this peaceful village won’t disappoint.

Looking forward to checking out the Silverband Waterfalls and other attractions next time!


One thought on “What I did in Halls Gap, Victoria

  1. Bipasha

    Beautiful photos, Carissa. I lived in Melbourne for a year between 2011 & 12, and explored a lot by road… one of the best places I’ve lived in 🙂

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