Bridal Photoshoot Collaboration with Emcee Couture

This was my first bridal collaboration, and it was tons of fun working with such talented people! So thankful for the opportunity!

Charlene Red-4024Rimbayu-4085Charlene Red-3912Charlene Red-4073Charlene Red-4048Rimbayu-4604Charlene Blue-4110Charlene Blue-4107Charlene Blue-4137Charlene Blue-4116Rimbayu-4165Rimbayu-4165Rimbayu-4857Rimbayu-4860Rimbayu-4232Rimbayu-4184

Gowns: Emceecouture
Models: Charlene, Sam, Winnie & Su Ann
Assistant Photographer: Emmanuel Lo Photography
Hair & Makeup: Winnie Ling Jen Nee
Floral arrangements: Florist By HaejaBudiman
Styling: The Silver Lining
Shoes: AREETHAN Malaysia

Click here to view more photos.


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